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Nuukk | Vegan children tattoos - Wildlife

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Beautifully illustrated vegan tattoos. Sustainably packaged, gentle on children's skin and completely non-toxic, compostable, made in Germany.

Illustration: Elena Comte

Designed in Germany, printed in Austria.

Water transfer tattoos with forest creatures. Deer, bear, squirrel and more. The tattoo sheets are always A6 size and are plastic-free attached to recycled cardboard. Detailed instructions for use are also included. Nuukk children's tattoos are perfect as a small gift or party bag. For crafting on rainy days, or as a highlight at every child's birthday party. The tattoos stick to smooth surfaces, which makes them versatile and creative.

Applying the temporary tattoos is child's play: Cut out the desired motif. Clean the affected area of skin. Remove the surface protection on the front. Now press the image side onto the skin. Then press a damp sponge or cloth onto the tattoo and rub it lightly. After approx. 20 seconds, carefully peel off the backing paper. Let the tattoo dry briefly. Don't dab. Complete!

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