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Nuukk | Iron ons - Fuchs & Freunde

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Beautifully illustrated iron ons. Washable at 60C, suitable for tumble drying, phthalate-free, made in Germany.

These iron-on motifs feature a sociable party with funny animals.

Illustration: Anna Katharina Jansen.

Designed and made in Germany.

How do you apply iron-on stickers?

Do not allow children to iron without adult supervision. It is best to use pure cotton textiles.

1. Wash the desired textile without fabric softener but with detergent.

2. Place the textile on a hard surface and iron it there (e.g. baking tray, ceramic or induction hob). Do not use an ironing board.

3. Heat the iron to a maximum of 150 degrees Celsius (just before level 2).

4. Place the iron-on foil with the motif facing down on the fabric and cover with baking paper.

5. Press the iron evenly for 10 – 12 seconds. Important: Press the iron down really hard.

6. Allow to cool. Then carefully peel off the foil.

7. Cover with baking paper, iron briefly and then remove the paper again while it is still hot.

Tips & tricks for our iron-on transfers

Wait 24 hours before washing for the first time. The iron-on transfers can then be washed at 60 degrees and can also be tumble dried. If the film cannot be removed after step 5, please repeat this step again and make sure that the iron is pressed onto the motif with enough pressure. Is a corner peeling off after several washes? Simply repeat step 7.

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