Kinta | Vase Cap Pulp T-Upward Grey - 23cm

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This vase has been made from recycled paper and capiz pulp and a recycled plastic bottle on the inside. The plastic bottle inside ensures that it is waterproof.

Capiz pulp is made from the residual material from the capiz production. Capiz is a fairly flat translucent shell found in large quantities in the sea around the Philippines. Pieces of capiz remain in the production of Kinta’s capiz products, which are recycled into capiz pulp products. The capiz pulp is applied over a recycled plastic bottle. The bottle inside ensures that the vases and flowerpots are waterproof. The products are handmade with great care, the people working on the products are paid a fair price/income by Judith Lorna.

23 cm high.

Material: recycled paper and capiz pulp, light weight.

Designed in the Netherlands, fairly made by hand in the Philippines.

About Kinta: Kinta is a supplier of special interior products from the Philippines and Vietnam. ‘For twenty-five years we have been supplying high quality products in a sustainable and socially responsible way. Such as wooden utensils for on the table, in the kitchen and the interior in general. Wherever possible our products are made from either recycled or sustainable locally sourced materials and they are developed and produced in full cooperation with local suppliers. All contributors are paid fairly for their work. We visit our producers a few times every year to keep the cooperation up-to-date.’

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