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Kapris | Temporary tattoos - Dolce vita - 22 tattoos + 1 illustration

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Temporary tattoos la dolce vita made in collaboration with the artist Tifalia.

22 tattoos + 1 illustration.

Supplied with application instructions.

Kapris Tattoos aim to make you wear a real tattoo, for about a week... Indeed, the printing technique allows impressive precision of the designs as well as great artistic freedom.

The tattoos are completely safe, non-toxic and hypoallergenic. They comply with all current cosmetic standards.

How to apply them? Cut out the tattoo of your choice from those on the board / remove the plastic film / place it on your skin / wet it with a damp cotton pad for a few seconds. And now, voila.

Waterproof: Duration 3 to 7 days. The tattoos are water resistant and last between 3 to 7 days (depending on the conditions, avoid the jacuzzi for example..). To remove it sooner than expected, simply use a little greasy lotion or rub it under very hot water.

100% safe for the skin.

Designed in France, made in Spain.

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