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Humade | Kintsugi repair kit - gold repair - made in the Netherlands

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The first original DIY 'New Kintsugi repair kit' (since 2009) easy to use and repair broken ceramics with gold. Treasure the beauty of imperfection inspired by the old Japanese art of Kintsugi*, gold repair.


- 25gr Two component glue
- 10g Putty to fill up missing pieces
- 4gr Gold or silver powder
- wooden brush
- bamboo stearing sticks
- gloves
- A step-by-step manual (EN, NL, FR, GE, IT, SP, PT, HU) with detailed pictures

PRACTICAL INFORMATION: The New Kintsugi Repair Kit from Humade can be used multiple times to fix up to 10 items. New Kintsugi Repair Kit can be used on almost any other material such as glass, wood, marble or hard plastics. The kit can be used multiple times.

Please make sure to read the Kintsugi Kit manual before use. When you are ready let it dry for 48 hours so the glue can fully set and after that, all ready for use!

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